We have created the industry’s most flexible EV charging management and application platform.  The cloud-based myEVroute Network can manage large numbers of geographically dispersed charge station assets and utilizes the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), which is an internationally established open protocol for the communication between electric vehicle (EV) charge station hardware and its management software and services (network) provider.


  • Level II Charging

    Our Level II chargers stand ready to serve vehicles that are plugging-in instead of fueling-up. Whether you need durability, modern style, wall-mounted or freestanding units, software enabled, or simple charging functionality, Koben connects you to the most effective solution.


  • Fast Charging

    Koben provides the next step in enabling EV drivers, compatible with electric vehicles using the SAE Combo (CCS) standard or the CHAdeMO standard. Typical charging times range between 15 and 30 minutes. Our Fast Chargers charge all open standard DC-capable cars in cities, on highways or in fleets.


  • Connected Services

    To get the most out of an EV charging network, Koben offers cloud based Connected Services that fit a variety of EV infrastructure business models. Available in two services – Client Managed or Vendor Managed.


Residential Charging


The only charger you’ll ever need. Thanks to its revolutionary design and functionalities, Elvi is ready for any electric car — now and into the future.

With mobile integration, Elvi allows you to track your charging sessions right from the palm of your hand. Elvi’s Smart Charging features ensure that she uses your available power in the most efficient and cost-effective way.


Condo and Multi Residential Charging

We help you to easily manage and gain insights into the power consumption of multiple charging stations. We also help prevent overcapacity and maintain safe and efficient charging at all times, without affecting any of your other facilities.

EVOLVE Store & Forward battery storage is the way to mitigate against demand charges and high infrastructure costs for mass deployment of EV charging.


Commercial Charging

Choose a Business Line station and your investment is always secure. That’s because our hardware is modular and fully upgradable. So, no matter what happens, your station can be reconfigured to continue providing optimal charging. And thanks to our OCPP compliance, you can add, change, or remove a network service at any time — no vendor lock-in.


Corporate EV Charging

Take your EV infrastructure project to the next level with Koben’s integrated hardware and service solution. Look to Koben’s broad-based expertise to make an integrated, connected, and stylish EV charging solution a practical reality for your location. Our market knowledge and product development has set the standard for user-friendly designs and reliability. Koben’s EV chargers stand ready to serve the millions of cars that will be plugging-in instead of fueling-up.