We have created the industry’s most flexible EV charging management and application platform.  The cloud-based myEVroute Network can manage large numbers of geographically dispersed charge station assets and utilizes the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), which is an internationally established open protocol for the communication between electric vehicle (EV) charge station hardware and its management software and services (network) provider.


  • Level II Charging

    Our Level II chargers stand ready to serve vehicles that are plugging-in instead of fueling-up. Whether you need durability, modern style, wall-mounted or freestanding units, software enabled, or simple charging functionality, KSI connects you to the most effective solution.


  • Fast Charging

    KSI provides the next step in enabling EV drivers, compatible with electric vehicles using the SAE Combo (CCS) standard or the CHAdeMO standard. Typical charging times range between 15 and 30 minutes. Our Fast Chargers charge all open standard DC-capable cars in cities, on highways or in fleets.


  • Connected Services

    To get the most out of an EV charging network, KSI offers cloud based Connected Services that fit a variety of EV infrastructure business models. Available in two services – Client Managed or Vendor Managed.


Home Charging

The EV charger you’ve been looking for! In only 4-8 hours the GE WattStation Wall Mount delivers a full-cycle charge to a 24 kWh battery. Why not select a charger that looks as good as it works? With its smart, timeless design, the WattStation is the perfect complement to any EV.


Solar EV Charging

Every day we are surrounded by a limitless energy source—the sun. KSI’s solar carport structures allow you to take full advantage of this free and abundant resource. Each solar carport is outfitted with EV Charging Stations, sized to suit. Turn your ordinary parking lot into an opportunity to reduce your energy costs and generate electricity directly on site. From small, private lots to large commercial parking decks, KSI can provide a quote for the best solution to fit your needs. For building owners looking to achieve higher LEED status for their facilities, the combination of EV Charging Stations and built-in solar carports could make the difference in reaching this goal.


Corporate EV Charging

Take your EV infrastructure project to the next level with KSI’s integrated hardware and service solution. Look to KSI’s broad-based expertise to make an integrated, connected, and stylish EV charging solution a practical reality for your location. Our market knowledge and product development has set the standard for user-friendly designs and reliability. KSI’s EV chargers stand ready to serve the millions of cars that will be plugging-in instead of fueling-up.