Koben introduces GENIUS EV CaaS for Condo, Multi-Residential and Workplace environments allowing mass deployment of Level II EV charging stations.

GENIUS EV CaaS is the only Government approved Revenue Grade smart panel that bills tenants individually as they use their EV charger in a Condo. The GENIUS EV CaaS system is an all-in-one system which makes dedicated EV charging possible with ability to scale as demand increases.

Our system uses Koben’s GENIUS smart panel technology and eliminates the convolution typically found with installations. No racks of smart meters, dumb electrical panels, heavy duty on/off switches…just a clean, simple and state-of-the-art solution.

With GENIUS EV CaaS tenants are billed by the kWh, just like their electricity at home. No matter what happens Koben handles it all with our 24/7 call centre for remote support, automatic dispatch for service and driver support.

With optional EVOLVE battery storage the Condo building can mitigate against high demand charges and employ arbitrage to ensure the available capacity is never exceeded.