Energy Management

The New Energy Era

  • Proven Reliability

    The GENIUS Smart Panel can seamlessly integrate with solar, battery, wind, EV Charging and your generator. With units in operation throughout the world, it is the only proven smart panel product on the market.

  • Built-In-Intelligence

    The GENIUS Smart Panel supports the consumer’s ability to make decisions on how they want to reduce their electricity consumption by providing real-time information and the means to act on it.

  • Total Control

    The GENIUS Smart Panel puts information and control in the end-user’s hands. Set according to individual energy usage and “demands,” the system adjusts to time of day, time of year, and the changing needs of the premises.

Commercial, MURB, EV Charging
Condo, Residential, EV Charging

The GENIUS Smart Panel

Almost every piece in the smart grid value chain has been improved except the electrical panel, until now. Koben brings to the world – GENIUS. The GENIUS Smart Panel replaces your old electrical panel and allows your premises to become “Smart Grid” ready. The GENIUS Smart Panel will seamlessly integrate EV Charging, Solar, Battery Storage, Generator and your utility whether you are planning for the new energy era or have already installed your new energy technology.


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