GENIUS replaces the old electrical panel in your home. As our world becomes more connected in every way, GENIUS completes the last mile of the smart grid. It allows the integration of your renewable assets now or in the future to becomes your energy hub for total control of electricity.

10 Years of development and testing GENIUS is ready to revolutionize buildings around the world. Currently in 7 countries around the world and more to come. GENIUS is rigid, tested by EPRI and Utilities, GENIUS is proven to outperform any smart panel available today.

We are accepting Distributors.

GENIUS easily connects solar, battery storage, wind, generator, inverter and EV in one panel. Includes surge protection, short circuit and overload protection, timers and priority settings you can set according to your life style.

GENIUS is available for single dwelling, town-home, condo, multi-residential, MURB and commercial buildings. No building is too small for GENIUS.

Save on energy costs with real-time control of all energy resources by shifting based on time, price and availability. GENIUS Q application lets you control on the fly or a “set it and forget it” mode to get the most out of your home energy.