Giving You The Power

The GENIUS smart panel replaces the conventional electricity panel and provides scale-able monitoring and control capabilities of energy consumption at the customer premises down to individual circuit levels.

The GENIUS unique architecture includes, in addition to standard circuit breakers, an array of highly reliable hybrid electronically-operated switches termed smart switches. These smart switches can be used to connect and disconnect the premises load circuits remotely by control commands, or automatically upon current overload, short circuit, sparks and overheating. In addition, the Smart Panel measures the energy flowing through each circuit as well as through the supply phases.

The valuable information and control options offered by GENIUS help users in making informed decisions about energy usage and help suppliers improve their power rate structure, power distribution systems and quality of service.

During installation, the electrician sets up the smart panel’s automatic protection and load management functions according to the unit owner’s priorities. Alternative energy sources can be connected through GENIUS to the existing wiring network in the premises.