AC Charging Stations

Look to KSI’s broad-based expertise to make an integrated, connected, and stylish EV charging solution a practical reality for your location. Our market knowledge and product development has set the standard for user-friendly designs and reliability. Networked WattStation™, DuraStation™ and WattStation™ Wall Mount EV chargers stand ready to serve the millions of cars that will be plugging-in instead of fueling-up.

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GE Commercial WattStations

The GE Commercial WattStation line gives you a superior combination of design, style, and features for electric vehicle charging systems. Available in a sleek pedestal or stylish wall mount, both units feature myEVroute software which lets you manage your WattStation network remotely, enable EV drivers to find stations at your facilities, provide payment options and generate valuable usage and user reports. Non-network wall mount units for residential use are also offered.

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GE DuraStations

GE DuraStation is our most versatile line of electric vehicle chargers. Rugged, durable and time-tested, DuraStation has been successfully used in the extreme heat of summer (rated to 50 degrees Celsius) to the dead of winter (rated to -30 degrees Celsius).

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GE wall mount EV Chargers

GE’s wall mount EV chargers provide an added convenience for EV owners in public or private parking garages. At home, EV owners benefit from their simplicity and convenience. While they are built for garages, the wall mount stations are NEMA 3R rated so they are rugged enough to be installed outdoors.

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